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VMware Workstation Software

Welcome to, your ultimate source for VMware Workstation keys. Whether you are a developer, IT professional, or business owner, our VMware Workstation products provide robust solutions for running multiple operating systems on a single PC. Enhance your productivity, streamline workflows, and ensure seamless compatibility with VMware Workstation.

Why Choose VMware Workstation?

Powerful Virtualization

VMware Workstation allows you to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously on a single physical machine, each with its own operating system. This powerful virtualization capability is ideal for testing, development, and production environments.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Experience unparalleled flexibility with Windows, Linux, and macOS support. VMware Workstation ensures you can work across different platforms effortlessly, making it an essential tool for multi-platform development and testing.

Advanced Features

Benefit from advanced features like snapshot management, virtual networking, and 3D graphics support. VMware Workstation offers robust security measures to protect your virtual machines and sensitive data.

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VMware Workstation Pro Editions

VMware Workstation Pro 16

This edition offers enhanced performance, support for the latest operating systems, and new features such as Kubernetes support, DirectX 11, and OpenGL 4.1 for improved graphics.

VMware Workstation Pro 15

A reliable edition that supports the latest Windows and Linux operating systems enhanced 3D graphics, high-DPI support, and improved vSphere integration.

VMware Workstation Pro 14

Provides advanced features for virtual networking, support for Windows 10 Creators Update, and improved security with virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM).

VMware Workstation Pro 12

Known for its stability and performance, this edition supports Windows 10, DirectX 10, OpenGL 3.3, and virtual networking enhancements.

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Maximize Your Productivity with VMware Workstation:

Unlock the full potential of your PC with VMware Workstation. Whether running simulations, developing applications, or managing IT infrastructure, VMware Workstation provides the necessary reliability and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VMware Workstation

How to activate VMware Workstation?

Launch VMware Workstation. Go to Help > Enter License Key. Enter your license key and click OK.

Can VMware Workstation run on Windows 11?

Yes, VMware Workstation is compatible with Windows 11.

What are the system requirements for VMware Workstation?

  • Intel or AMD x64 processor
  • 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB RAM recommended
  • 1.5 GB free disk space
  • Windows, Linux, or macOS host operating system

How to create a virtual machine in VMware Workstation?

Open VMware Workstation. Click on "Create a New Virtual Machine." Follow the wizard to set up the virtual machine.

Can VMware Workstation run macOS?

VMware Workstation does not natively support macOS virtualization on non-Apple hardware.

How to transfer files between host and virtual machine in VMware Workstation?

Use the drag-and-drop feature or shared folders to transfer files between the host and virtual machine in VMware Workstation.